Mar 9th

March 2018 eNews

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Spring is just around the corner!

Are you ready to transition to your spring wardrobe? Maybe it’s time to also consider a new cut or color to revive and refresh your hair. Check out this article for tips on creating a gorgeous spring hair makeover.



You Gave Your Heart — Thank you!

Our annual Giving From the Heart raffle and fund raising campaign was a huge success thanks to you. Together, we raised over $840 for the Mercer Island Youth and Family Services Foundation. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity.


Welcome Rosa!

When this Evergreen Beauty College student showed interest in working at Studio 904, we were thrilled to bring her on board. As part of our Salon Coordination Team, Rosa will wecome you with a warm smile at the front desk. She will be learning about all aspects of our salon while she finishes her cosmetology training.


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Mar 7th

Beautify Your Hair for Spring!

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As warmer spring weather kicks in, we start wearing lighter colors and fabrics, we get our toes manicured, ready to wear open toed shoes.  It only makes sense to think about updaing our hair as well!
Here are some things to consider when updating your hair for a new season:
  • If you have an over-all hair color, think about lifting your base shade a notch.
  • If your hair is foiled, try increasing the amount of your foil weaves. You can also brighten up your highlighted color by asking for a shade lighter.
  • How about a new haircut and style, more layered to give your hair an open and textured feel? (This will eliminate the heavy, solid feeling in your hair.)
  • Try shortening your hair a bit (but we don’t recommend a drastic change all at once, you may regret something too dramatic).
  • Learn to style your hair using your fingers instead of brushes or curling irons. This can create a more relaxed, “beachy” look.
These tips are good starting points when you are going through the consultation process with your stylist. In the end, let your stylist give you suggestions on what direction would be the best. Keep in mind, everyone’s hair texture, base color and facial features are unique to that person. Be a partner in making decisions, after all it’s your hair image… you are the one who will be living with it 24 hours a day.
Happy spring!
Please take a look at our Services page and call (206) 232-3393 to schedule your appointment today.
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Aug 24th

What We’ve Been Doing This Summer

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Wow, it’s been a busy summer for us… same for you? Now that summer is nearing the end, we wanted to take a few minutes and show you what we’ve been up to. Please enjoy this video as we go off for a weekend picnic on the grounds of  Pasado’s Safe Haven to spend time with our Ole and Jacques, our newly adopted Donkeys. We will post more photos and videos after our visit so you will get to see our precious moments with the animals! Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see those updates.

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Oct 23rd

I Hate Flat Hair and I Found a Solution

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I’m usually a positive person, but this gets to me so I thought I’d vent to you.
I want to share a little secret with you about my head shape.
I really hate my flat crown.
I also don’t like how straight my hair is.
Sometimes I feel like my face looks looks like a round moon and not attractive at all.
Five years ago, I did a lot of thinking about how I could create fullness to the top of my head to make my face look more elongated. I wanted to create a permanent lift in the root of my hair but not to end up with a permed look. The solution I came up with is a perming system I named, “Weave Perm”.
The is not like a regular perm because the hair is wrapped in large rods and random pieces are woven out.
In other words, 100% of your hair is not wrapped in perm rods. Leaving some hair out helps to keep your hair from looking curly. I get weave perms 2 or 3x per year and it’s the perfect solution for me.
You will have to learn how to style the hair using a large brush but it’s the perfect solution for retaining your style throughout the day… especially in the damp winter weather.
Weave perming is not for everyone so please come in for a consultation and we will be happy to analyze your hair and head shape to determine if you’d benefit from this perming system.
Kay Hirai
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Oct 7th

Studio 904 Salon Tour

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