Mar 4th

Getting the Cut You Want with Curly Hair

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Q: I have a difficult time explaining to my stylist that my hair really shrinks up after I get it cut. The bottom of my hair hikes up and I feel like a bubble head. Why can’t I get a shape that feels longer and slenderizing to my face?
A: Curly hair is deceiving because when it’s wet after a shampoo, the weight of the water pulls it down, giving the appearance of length. If your stylist is not experienced in cutting curly hair, she probably will cut it like straight hair, not realizing that when the hair dries, it will bounce up. One way to avoid over-cutting is to ask your stylist to give it a dry trim. Notice, I said trim. The nape of the hair should be left long with increased layering to the top. Trimming it this way will give you an elongated shaping, giving a slenderized look to your face and hair. Make sure to finish your style by smoothing the ends with a moisturizing cream. Our favorite cream is Aveda’s Universal Styling Creme.

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