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An Invitation

Studio 904 is committed to giving back to the salon and spa industry by supporting the up-and-coming community of stylists and beauty professionals. We invite you to come talk to us! We would love to have an opportunity to visit with you and show you around our salon and answer your questions. Call Krystal at (206) 232-3393 to schedule an in-person meeting.

Finding the Perfect Salon

It’s not only clients who are looking for the perfect salon, a stylist needs to find the right fit. A job that is a good fit for you is a place where you can happily grow, stay energized, and flourish to reach your full potential as a Hair Stylist. It is a wise idea to learn about yourself and what energizes you before you begin on this journey. CLICK HERE for a FREE download of Seven Questions to Ask Yourself. Your answers should help point you in the right direction.

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Our Value Statement to Our Employees

We believe in caring for our employees. If the people who work in our organization are delighted with their jobs, our clients are certain to receive thoughtful treatment from our associates. For this reason, our management team prioritizes activities that result in employee satisfaction and retention.
These are the commitments Studio 904 makes to its associates: *Career pathway through ongoing education and training. *Listen and receive ideas from associates. *Timely evaluations and coaching. *Empower and raise the esteem of our associates. *Offer opportunities to exercise community citizenship. *Provide flexibility as much as possible.
Studio 904 offers the following benefits to employees:
• Medical/dental/vision
• Vacation 
• Training and skill certification

We Offer Master Level Training to Stylists

Are you a licensed stylist who would like to receive Master Level Technical and Customer Service Training to take your skills to the next level? This training is recommended for stylists already working in the industry or for stylists who would like to re-enter into the beauty industry. We can customize a technical and customer service training to fit your personal needs. Please contact us for more information.